Cameron Fuller
Cameron is an author, speaker, Microsoft MVP (Cloud and Datacenter Management), principal consultant and Corporate Practice Lead for Catapult Systems. Cameron blogs about infrastructure topics including SCOM, the Cloud, virtualization and consulting.
Jan 222015
I finally got some quality time to hang out with Carl in Austin this year. In 2011, if someone told me that I would end up in a film sitting next to a robot I would have bet against it. However, in retrospect that was a whole lot of fun so I should ...[Read more]

Jan 212015
​You do not want to miss the opportunity to be at System Center Universe (SCU) this February 4th. You want to know why? Here’s the top 5 reasons why you do not want to miss SCU2015! 1) Speaker and session lineup: I can’t even imagine a more jam pac ...[Read more]

Jan 162015
What's the difference between your average non-production Hyper-V host and a really nice gaming rig? There's not all that much when you really look at it. Your regular HyperV system requires a lot of memory, a fast processor, strong network connec ...[Read more]

Jan 152015
If you have multiple management groups in your Operations Manager environment, you likely are well aware of how much work is involved in keeping them even somewhat in sync with each other. I recently developed a PowerShell script which helps to kee ...[Read more]

Jan 122015
This Wednesday (1/14/2015) Pete, Mike and I will be teaming up for the first time ever for a presentation on how to automate management of your Hyper-V environment. It's not often that you get three MVP's with this much System Center background and ...[Read more]

Dec 122014
Is that morning alarm clock ruining your day? Are you tired of the constant struggle of being employed as a consultant? Are you looking for interesting methods to allow you to spend your days waiting in the unemployment line or sitting at home catch ...[Read more]

Dec 102014
I have spent some time working with the Veeam management pack and recently started development of a NOC (Network Operations Center) dashboard which uses one of the Veeam widgets. The Veeam Traffic Light Widget allows you to show the top 20 or bottom ...[Read more]

Dec 052014
About a year ago I wrote a blog post on how to become a Microsoft MVP. I had planned on following up with a second blog post providing more information but the more I review what I put in place the more I believe that it stands well as it is. I hope ...[Read more]

Dec 032014
During a recent event on Azure in Seattle, one of the common asks was for information on how to configure site-to-site VPN's in Azure. The following is a recommended set of links to help to answer this question. Configure a Site-to-Site VPN in the M ...[Read more]

Dec 012014
One of the biggest challenges I see when working in an environment which has multiple management groups is how to keep management groups in sync with each other. Without an effective change management process for overrides it quickly becomes impossi ...[Read more]

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