Cameron Fuller
Cameron is an author, speaker, Microsoft MVP (Cloud and Datacenter Management), principal consultant and Corporate Practice Lead for Catapult Systems. Cameron blogs about infrastructure topics including SCOM, the Cloud, virtualization and consulting.
Aug 182014
Welcome to Part 7 on how to do crazy stuff for Operations Manager using SQL, XML and PowerShell. In the next part of this blog series we will look into where RunAs account information is stored in Operations Manager and what PowerShell scripts are a ...[Read more]

Aug 122014
We ran into an interesting issue when we attempted to fail over our OperationsManager database from one node to the other node in an Always On SQL 2012 configuration. Operations Manager was functioning correctly when the database was on the primary ...[Read more]

Aug 082014
Savision did a series of interviews with a variety of MVP's (including Robert Butler, Kevin Greene, Ahmed Nabil Mahmoud, Rick Heiges, Steve Buchanan, Colin Smith and myself) asking some good questions about System Center, Security, and the future of ...[Read more]

Aug 012014
There were a couple of items which I included in the Road to the Cloud webinar that I had not included in the whitepaper which I think will be helpful to the community when it comes to Operations Manager and Azure monitoring. This blog post will cov ...[Read more]

Jul 302014
The following is a look into the Advisor integration in Operations Manager 2012 R2 in terms of what it adds to Operations Manager for the following: Management Packs Classes Monitors Rules Views Alerts Where is Advisor information stored in the regi ...[Read more]

Jul 282014
Are you looking for a way to quickly remove all management packs that you added on a specific day? The following is what we put together to remove all of the management packs loaded on a specific day.   The first PowerShell script lists all manag ...[Read more]

Jul 252014
If you are looking for management packs, there are three ways available to get to them: Use the Operations Manager console, Administration pane, Management Packs and install new management packs. Use the System Center online catalog (available a ...[Read more]

Jul 232014
Welcome to Part 6 on how to do crazy stuff for Operations Manager using SQL, XML and PowerShell. In the next part of this blog series we will look into reports in Operations Manager. In Part 1 we covered places where Operations Manager could store ...[Read more]

Jul 222014
Are you looking for quick ways to see what is in maintenance mode and get them back out of maintenance mode? This blog post goes through the following: What is currently in maintenance mode? Removing all objects from maintenance mode  What is curre ...[Read more]

Jul 212014
Microsoft announced today "Microsoft's Unified Technology Event for Enterprises": and also discussed at ...[Read more]

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