Cameron Fuller
Cameron is an author, speaker, Microsoft MVP (Cloud and Datacenter Management), principal consultant and Corporate Practice Lead for Catapult Systems. Cameron blogs about infrastructure topics including SCOM, the Cloud, virtualization and consulting.
Oct 222014
Thank you to all of the attendees at the recent Cloud Management with System Center presentation in Dallas! As a follow-up from this presentation, the following are some relevant links to the topics that we discussed: Savision has made a copy of the ...[Read more]

Oct 202014
During a recent presentation on Cloud Management with System Center several good questions were asked but one really caught my attention. The client wanted to know why they couldn't see performance information for their VM's which are running in Azu ...[Read more]

Oct 172014
Life is good, the presentation is going well. The audience is engaged in the discussion. I mention an interesting technical point and continue on. I'm part way into the next slide and twitter pops up with a tweet about the interesting technical poin ...[Read more]

Oct 142014
Are you looking for a great free way to demonstrate how Operations Manager can monitor network devices? If so, check this blog post out! With the great news that a free version of the Xian SNMP Device Simulator was going to be available for download ...[Read more]

Oct 132014
The term autoscaling can have several meanings including scaling out (adding additional instance), scaling up (adding more resources to an existing instance) and scaling down (removing resources from an existing instance). In Azure this is explained ...[Read more]

Sep 262014
If you aren't familiar with sed and grep you may want to stop reading here. If you are and this is bringing Unix flashbacks, you should read on. I started my career on Unix systems and quickly found that grep and sed were just part of getting the jo ...[Read more]

Sep 242014
There is an increasing number of hybrid environments where some of the systems are on-prem and others are running in Azure. For these types of environments, we need to use Operations Manager agents installed on the virtuals in IaaS and have them rep ...[Read more]

Sep 222014
Are you using Office 365 and want to know how it is functioning? There are now a variety of options available to provide this information, some of which use Operations Manager as the framework and others which do not. This blog post will review the ...[Read more]

Sep 192014
On September 24th from 2-4 pm in Dallas I will be teaming up with Savision to present "Cloud Management with System Center 2012". The focus of this presentation will be on how you can use System Center to provide to monitor your environmen ...[Read more]

Sep 122014
This may have been out there for a long time, but I just dug into it and it is pretty useful. If you are an author who is published on Amazon, you can create your own author page. The page lets you add a biography and picture and it lets you link yo ...[Read more]

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