Updating the Azure Automation Solution for Log Analytics to the new query language

At MMS, Aleksandar mentioned that he had converted my existing solution to provide visualization for Log Analytics to the new query language which has now been deployed across all Microsoft Log Analytics workspaces. I have updated the version which is in TechNet Galleries to reflect that change. Converting this solution would have been challenging as it would have required re-writing all of the queries which were used in it to the new query language. Aleksandar used an interesting method to convert this solution:

  1. He found an old OMS workspace that already had the solution before the conversion had occurred to the new query language. When this workspace was converted over to the new query language it automatically converted the old queries to the new query language including those used in existing solutions.
  2. He exported this version and then imported it into any new workspaces and voila!

If you don’t have a workspace where the solution was already converted you could also use Log Analytics to convert it one query at a time. To do this take the query from the original query language, and choose the option to “Show legacy language converter”

Then you can paste in the original query and use “Convert” to re-write the query into the new query language.

Summary: The new version of the Azure Automation solution for Log Analytics is available here for download. If you need to convert any legacy solutions to the new query language check and see if they were auto-converted in any of your workspaces. If not, you can use the legacy language converter to convert the original queries to the new query language for Log Analytics. Thank you Aleksandar for converting this and for letting me know about it!

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