What lessons can companies learn from home automation?

On April 27th at 12:00 CST I have the unique opportunity to combine my off-hours pursuits with of home automation together with my drive towards implementing automation into companies! Join me for “How is IT automation taking a page out of the home automation book?” and learn about both home and business focused automation in this one-time presentation.

Topics we will cover include:

  • Going beyond the basics in home automation to automate things you may have never considered
  • Technologies to allow you to tie multiple devices together in automation to achieve more
  • What are the common signs for successful automations
  • How can the concepts of home and personal automation apply to how you work on a daily basis

Registration is available at: http://pages.catapultsystems.com/FY17H2TrendsinITAutomation_LP-Registration.html. I hope to see you there!

UPDATE: The recording and presentation from this event is now available at: http://pages.catapultsystems.com/FY17-H2-Trends-in-IT-Automation_Video–Deck.html

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