This Friday learn about how to Super-Power your PowerShell and the Anatomy of a Cloud solution

This Friday the DFWSMUG crew will be meeting to cover both PowerShell and Cloud technologies. Details are below:

Donnie Taylor (General Motors Architect – Infrastructure Solutions)
Super-Powered PowerShell
In this session, Donnie will go over the recently released PowerShell for Linux, multi-threading for fun and profit, showcase a set of useful modules, and more!


Yung Chou (Microsoft Technology Evangelist)
The Anatomy of a Cloud Solution
For many, cloud computing is a confusing and overwhelming subject. Not only the concepts are abstract and the service models appear perplexing, but often vendors’ implementations conglomerate with a steep learning curve. This presentation is to help technical professionals secure the essentials and fundamental building blocks of a cloud computing solution. It provides a unique opportunity to examine key capabilities of cloud computing and how to integrate them for building, developing, deploying and managing a solution while employing cloud as a datacenter platform for business in all sizes.

Registration is available at:

Microsoft Las Colinas MTC

7000 SR-161 (George Bush Turnpike)
Building LC1 Room MPR 4025
Irving, TX 75039

Friday, September 30, 2016 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM (CDT)

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