Wrapup for the HASMUG Day-5 event #TE14D5

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been almost two weeks since the HASMUG Day-5 (#TE14D5) event in Houston. If you missed the event, fear not! This blog post is designed to be your all-in-one spot to find information related to Day-5 for those who were unable to attend or for those who attended and want to relive and/or find information on the other track of presentations which they were not in attendance for. This blog post will cover:

  • What was Day-5 "By the Numbers"
  • Where can I get the PowerPoint presentations?
  • Who are the Day-5 sponsors?
  • Who were the Day-5 volunteers?
  • Who were the Day-5 speakers?
  • Hey, what was that soundtrack?
  • Event analytics
  • Feedback from the attendees at Day-5
  • Social media and Day-5
  • Day-5 Wrap-up and the Future

What was Day-5 "By the Numbers"

If you aren’t familiar with Day-5, the vision for this was to augment TechEd. Specifically as stated before "Day-5 is built on the idea that if we have a bunch of geeks who are already going to be in Houston – let’s get them together and do even more System Center stuff. TechEd is going to provide a lot of great sessions, the goal of this is to geek out even beyond what we are doing at TechEd." Here’s the behind the scenes for Day-5 in numerical order.

1 – Crazy idea to add even more System Center content to the week of TechEd

3.5 – Full time employed people putting this together in their spare time (with the help of an incredible part time graphics guy named Taco!)

4 – Weeks before TechEd started the idea for Day-5 was brought to Stephen Leuthold (the coordinator of HASMUG) by Maarten Goet and Cameron Fuller

4 – Platinum sponsors stepped up for Day-5!

5 – Silver sponsors stepped up for Day-5!

7 – Gold sponsors stepped up for Day-5!

12 – Sessions presented by MVP and Product Team presenters

100+ Attendees from around the globe!

Where can I get the PowerPoint presentations?

The full set of PowerPoint and/or PDF files are available at: http://1drv.ms/1hBLkxD. The following are the topics which were covered at Day-5:

  • Advanced Troubleshooting ConfigMgr 2012 R2 OSD
  • Azure Pack Web Sites, TFS and Visual Studio
  • Demystifying Service Manager Reporting
  • Deploying Windows with Third-party FDE
  • How to deliver BaaS (Backup as a Service) and RaaS (Restore as a Service) in a Modern Datacenter
  • Leaving the Dark Ages, Migrating to Configuration Manager 2012 R2
  • Service Manager Customizations
  • SCOrch Secrets
  • Windows Azure Pack (WAP) Showdown
  • Windows Azure Pack Usage Service and how it depends on System Center 2012 R2 components
  • What’s coming soon to the System Center 2012 3rd party extensions space
  • Windows 8.1 Updates

Who are the Day-5 sponsors?

There is absolutely no way this event would be financially possible without these generous supporters who fulfilled the community’s need just weeks away from the actual event. A HUGE thanks to them!

Platinum sponsors:

  • 1E (@1E_Global, @Ed_at_1E)
  • Dell (@DellEnterprise, @Dell, @ramseyg, @lance_dickerson)
  • FyrSoft (@Fyrsoft)
  • VisionSolutions (@VSI_EMEA)

Gold sponsors:

  • Microsoft (@Microsoft)
  • NetApp (@NetApp)
  • Savision (@Savision)
  • Secunia (@Secunia)
  • SecureVantage (@securevantage)
  • Silect (@Silect)
  • XtremeConsulting (XtremeCGI)

Silver sponsors:

  • Catapult Systems (@CatapultSystems)
  • Cireson (@teamcireson)
  • Derdack (@Derdack, @DoreenJacobi1)
  • Flexera (@FlexeraSoftware)
  • OpsLogix (@OpsLogix)


Who were the Day-5 volunteers?

The Day-5 event would not have been possible without a huge number of volunteers who jumped in to make this happen!

HASMUG 02.jpg

From Stephen Leuthold: Thank you everyone for taking time out of your busy day to make this a successful community-based event. Be sure to sport your awesome t-shirts in your ‘hood’ or at your local UG meeting to represent that you were a part of the awesomeness that is Day-5. Thank you to all of the folks below for their help with the event!

  • Thank you to Maarten Goet who in addition to sourcing the Day-5 idea was able to secure a huge support base from OpsLogix and Innovativ, and while taking on multiple roles of planning, community rallying, and facilitating the CDM track and the successful System Center Trivia.
  • Cameron Fuller also took on multiple roles of event planning, community rallying, and presenting an amazing session all within an extremely busy schedule.
  • Greg Ramsey did an excellent job of facilitating the ECM track.
  • We had some stellar DJ’s, Matthew Dowst and John Marcum queuing each speaker’s intro music!
  • Our registration team (Bryan Dehner, Amber Tucker, Tori Bourgeois, and a sprinkle of Ryan Durbin) ran the process efficiently with no bottlenecks.  
  • Ryan Durbin running security ran off all the evil doers.
  • A shout out to Mark Eveleens and Bernabe Covarrubias ensuring the Twitterverse (is that a word?) was abreast of developments during the event.
  • Vincent de Vries stepped up to fulfill the A/V liaison role.
  • A special thanks to Taco van Gerven, the most amazing graphics dude in The Netherlands (and possibly Europe) who was able to turn out some slick artwork and turned around two makeovers of said artwork at a moment’s notice!
  • Special thanks to Rod Trent for helping to get the word out in the community about Day-5!
  • Let’s not forget the staff at George R. Brown, SmartCity, Freeman, and Aramark who did an amazing job and in some instances going above and beyond their role to ensure Day-5’s success.

I hope I didn’t miss anyone or any deserved recognition as everyone played an important role.

From Cameron Fuller: You missed at least one! Thank you to Stephen Leuthold who coordinated all of the event logistics (including venue, food, AV, and all of the myriads of other details required for an event like this one). This could not have been done without you man!


Who were the Day-5 speakers?

THANK YOU for all that you did for the Day-5 event! You guys were all professionals and even after a long week you still were at Day-5 and brought real value to the audience. All I can say is thank you and that I’m glad to be part of a group that is willing to go above and beyond like this for the community.

HASMUG 03.jpg

  • Benedict Berger (@Benedict_Berger)
  • Chris Ross (@SCSMUS)
  • Damian Flynn (@damian_flynn)
  • Hans Vredevoort (@hvredevoort)
  • Jason Sandys (@JasonSandys)
  • Johan Arwidmark (@jarwidmark)
  • Marc van Eijk (@_marcvaneijk)
  • Marcel Zehner (@marcelzehner)
  • Michael Niehaus (@mniehaus)
  • Robert Hedblom (@RoberrtandDPM)
  • Pete Zerger (@pzerger)
  • Wally Mead (#WallyMead)


Hey, what was that soundtrack?

If you attended you may have heard an eclectic collection of music playing during the event here’s the behind the scenes as to where it came from. Each of the presenters was asked to provide a song that was one of their favorites prior to the event. To protect the innocent I will not specifically identify which presenter pick what song but I bet you can place some educated guesses via twitter (hint – most of the presenters were introduced by our sound team in the two different track rooms with the band that they choose #TE14D5).

Thank you to Alyssa Fuller who tracked down these bands, purchased all of the songs and gave us our play list for the day!


Event analytics

Stephen was able to put together some good analytics based upon the feedback provided for the Day-5 event. The following graphs below show the breakdown of cost for the event, System Center products currently in use, attendance at MMS 2013 and attendance at TechEd 2014.

HASMUG 04.png

HASMUG 05.jpg

HASMUG 06.jpg 


Feedback from the attendees at Day-5

The following were a select subset of feedback from attendees of the Day-5 event and how it can augment TechEd:

  • This was a great initiative and getting Microsoft to dedicate on of the days to "MMS" of TechEd in the future would be a way‘ (to make TechEd Better)
  • Keep having a Day 5!
  • Have SysMan events like this one after TechEd.


Social media and Day-5

Microsoft and the System Center community was very supportive of Day-5, thank you!

Twitter was a huge asset for this event which we used to provide updates such as event location and interesting information provided by speakers during the event. If you want to see more pictures of the event check this out! https://twitter.com/search?q=%23TE14D5%20&src=typd&mode=photos


Day-5 Wrap-up and the Future

It’s truly amazing what happens when the System Center community comes together and make such a special event possible! It was a painstaking 4 weeks for Maarten Goet, Cameron Fuller and myself. I don’t know how we were able to pull this off while trying to manage our day jobs. The logistics around the event were nowhere near what we expected. From exceeding our initial budget by over double, to having to rebrand two times and once just a week before the event, to committing generous financial supporters, to coordinating with FOUR different venue vendors, to too many other things to list. Finished up the event by unwinding to Maarten’s and Cameron’s famous System Center Trivia over a local Texas brew.

We’re immensely proud of the finished product that was "Day-5" and the amount of raw value the community received. We’d like to finish off with shout outs to EVERYONE that made this event possible!

HASMUG 07.jpg


Until next year… #TE15D5 ?


Maarten Goet (@maarten_goet), Cameron Fuller (@cfullerMVP), and Stephen Leuthold (@StephenTL)


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