Taking my OpsMgr with me… Wrap-up

If you are working with Operations Manager and you want to use it on a mobile platform or through a non-Silverlight web interface check out the series of blog posts entitled "Taking OpsMgr with me". The series links are below with products highlights so you can quickly identify which potential solution you would like to read more about.

  • Taking my OpsMgr with me… with Live Maps: Live Map related information available for Android, iPad and Windows phone.
  • Taking my OpsMgr with me… with My Operations: Windows modern application which provides information spanning Operations Manager and Service Manager.
  • Taking my OpsMgr with me… with SquaredUp: HTML5 based customizable dashboards for Operations Manager.
  • Taking my OpsMgr with me… with Xian Wings: Customizable dashboards available on Android, iPad, iPhone and Windows phone.

If you have any insights that you have on how to better use your Operations Manager information either in a web user interface or on a mobile platform, post them here as a comment for the community!

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