Issue with the Objects by Performance widget with and All performance instances (#SCOM, #SYSCTR)

In Operations Manager 2012 with SP1 and the latest UR applied (UR2 at this point in time), when the Objects by Performance widget is chosen with the (All) Performance Instance, no data is displayed in the chart.


What are the steps to reproduce the issue?

1) Create a new two cell grid dashboard in Operations Manager 2012 SP1 with the latest UR applied.


2) Add one objects by performance widget on the top without specifying the (All) instances.


3) Add a second objects by performance widget on the bottom and specify the (All) instances.


4) Validate that the dashboard shows data in the top widget but not in the bottom widget which is using the All instance configuration.



Are there any workarounds for this issue?

1) Don’t use the ALL option when using the Objects by Performance widget. Unfortunately this does not work well when there are a large number of instances that should be displayed in the widget.

2) Use the Performance Widget with the ALL option which does function as shown below. Unfortunately, this approach can be difficult to use when displaying a large number of instances in the widget.



3) Use a performance view instead of a performance widget. This works in some scenarios but since widgets and views cannot be combined together this often is not an acceptable approach.

4) In the feedback on connect the following was also posted:

“Posted by drkusnadi on 6/4/2013 at 9:18 PM

Hi, the issue is with "SDK.Microsoft_SystemCenter_Visualization_Library_TopNEntitiesByPerfGet" where it passed @InstanceNamePattern=N’%’ when (All) is selected.
the stored procedure will compare (PRI.InstanceName = @InstanceNamePattern) which will give 0 result.
This is fixed by changing the line to (PRI.InstanceName like @InstanceNamePattern)”


Summary: Currently we need to stay away from using the “All” instances option when using the performance by objects widget in the current version of Operations Manager 2012 (SP1 with UR2). The connect bug reference for this is available at:


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