ConfigMgr and DPM Q&A from recent meeting in San Antonio

During a recent meeting on System Center 2012, there were several good questions which were asked that I didn’t know the answer to. So to share with the community, here’s the questions asked and their answers from our Catapult team!


Question: Does Endpoint Protection provide any client encryption management? Anything to manage Bitlocker?

Answer:  Microsoft MDOP provides tools in this area (Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring):

Question: When migrating from SCCM07 to 2012, does history of what applications or packages have already been deployed or tried to be deployed move over as well?

clip_image001Will advertisements rerun after they are migrated? No. Clients that you upgrade from Configuration Manager 2007 will not rerun advertisements that you migrate. System Center 2012 Configuration Manager retains the Configuration Manager 2007 Package ID for packages you migrate and clients that upgrade retain their advertisement history.

Answer: The applications and packages can be moved over but I do not believe that history would be moved over. The following a link from Wally on migration from ConfigMgr 2007 to ConfigMgr 2012:  The migration tools will retain the 2007 package IDs. This keeps the clients from rerunning the advertisement if they already have done so.

Question: Can you still have WSUS outside of SCCM and does allowing SCCM to manage it limit the reporting capabilities? How about 3rd party updates? Does ConfigMgr 2012 support 3rd party updates?

Answer:  Yes, but there should not be a reason to keep an upstream WSUS server. Unless, it will be used to patch non ConfigMgr clients. Third party updates still requires SCUP which is a free download from MS.

Question: Do you still have to follow the Exchange guidelines for DPM (Data Recovery Group) for recovery using DPM? Exchange 2010 SP1.

Answer: There does not appear to be a change to how this functions in DPM 2012, you would still need to perform the restore the same way as it occurs in DPM 2010 or use AppAssure for User Mailbox Message item level restoration.


Thank you to David Jaffe and Paul Johnson for their help on these questions!

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