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Starting to install the System Center Cloud Service Process Pack Beta #SCOM #SCSM   

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I spent some time today working on installation of the System Center Cloud Service Process Pack beta (available for download at: Since I already had a functional System Center 2012 RC environment I had high hopes that this would not take a long time for installation. I ran into a few challenges – I’m putting them out here so that others can learn from my lessons learned (and mistakes made). This installation is NOT complete at this point in time, but I’ve made it through some of the challenges so this blog is to share those so that others can get past them more quickly.

Installation for the System Center Cloud Service Process Pack Beta:

The first step takes place on the Service Manager server: Installing the “Cloud services process pack”


When attempting the installation, mine initially failed because I did not have the VMM Discovery Management Pack installed (it showed Red versus the screenshot shown below once this MP is added):

A discussion on this topic is currently available at: 


Logically enough, I went to the Service Manager console, Administration and attempted to add the VMM Discovery Management Pack. What I found was that there were a variety of different management packs which that one was dependent upon to allow the import of the VMM Discovery Management Pack. In Operations Manager we can just download and install Management Packs through the OpsMgr console which goes out to a website to download and install them. In this case, we need to download the appropriate management pack dependencies and get these added.

Since we can’t add them directly from the Catalog – they need to be downloaded locally I decided to use an OpsMgr trick to get my Management Packs. In the OpsMgr Console, Administration, Download Management Packs, connect to the Catalog and select all management packs from the catalog as shown below:


Additionally I copied MP’s from SCVMM (c:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012\Virtual Machine Manager\ManagementPacks by default) and from OpsMgr installation media (ManagementPacks folder on the installation media) and from the Service Manager folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center\Service Manager 2012\Operations Manager 2012 Management Packs). Once these were copied into a single folder so they are easier to add dependent management packs. I attempted to add the discovery and it failed due to dependencies. Next I add the dependency from the folder, and removed the one that depended upon it to continue.


To find the dependent MP, copy the name (Microsoft.SystemCenter.DataWarehouse.Library as the example above) and search for it as a .MP file.


Once I got one to add, I restarted the process again until I could map out all of the required dependencies [this was NOT a quick process to work through, but it worked!]


One note on this – due to versioning differences I had to separately download the Windows Server Management Pack and extract it to get the required version (6.0.6958.0) as shown below.


Once the Management Pack was added, the installation of this piece of the System Center Service Pack Beta successfully completed.


Once it’s installed the next steps are done from the Administration pane, Cloud Services.


Create the Virtual Machine Manager connector:

  • To create the VMM connection you really just need an account with permissions and the name of the SCVMM server in the environment.

Create the Operations Manager connector:

  • In my environment creating the Operations Manager connector (CI): Currently failing with the error listed below.


Create the Orchestrator connector:

  • The Orchestrator connector needs both the Orchestrator Web Service URL (default below of http:://<servername>:81/Orchestrator2012/Orchestrator.svc/)



Orchestrator installation looked like it was going to be a breeze but I’m currently stuck on importing the cloud services runbooks as shown below.




Posted by  Cameron Fuller  on  11/18/2011
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Hans Vredevoort  commented on  Wednesday, November 23, 2011  4:21 PM 
Hi Cameron,

Thanks to your blog I managed to get the MP dependencies sorted.
I also have problems getting the Orchestrator runbooks installed. the SCCloudServicesSetupWizar01.log states:

10:20:57:CheckPrerequisites: The value 6.1.7601.65536 was not within the range 6.0.6001 to 6.0.7000.
10:20:57:Checking if Product ID {F9D5C92D-FEE9-48EE-8F78-77A67F515ABA} is already installed
10:20:57:Product ID {F9D5C92D-FEE9-48EE-8F78-77A67F515ABA} is NOT installed
10:20:57:No match for IaaSRequestMPB found.


10:21:10:CheckPrerequisites: Checking System Center Orchestrator Management Server 2012 prereq.
10:21:10:Checking if Service Manager is already installed using UpgradeCode {4F70C213-6F45-4AA0-8994-1A09CBF27D77}
10:21:10:***ERROR*** System Center Service Manager is not Installed
10:21:10:Checking if Product ID {D0CB5FFD-E0AB-4FA0-96CD-7AE7B5BEBA36} is already installed
10:21:10:Product ID {D0CB5FFD-E0AB-4FA0-96CD-7AE7B5BEBA36} is installed
10:21:10:CheckPrerequisites: Logic Type:and SCOServerProductCheck: 0
10:21:10:CheckPrerequisites: System Center Orchestrator Management Server 2012: Passed
10:21:10:CheckPrerequisites: Return Value 0
10:23:17:Validate Account...
10:23:17:Validating Account: SC2012\Administrator
10:23:17:Account 'SC2012\Administrator' is valid
10:23:17:Account 'SC2012\Administrator' is Local Admin
10:23:17:Failed to check for Local account:No such host is known
10:23:30:Collecting SQL instances on server sc2012-sql1
10:23:30:Connecting to SQL server 2008 On
10:23:30:Found SQL Instance: sc2012-sql1\INST1
10:23:40:No match for IaaSRequestMPB found.
10:23:49:***ERROR*** Unexpected Error: Setup is terminating because of unexpected error. Please go through 'SCCloudServicesSetupWizard.log' for more details
10:23:49:Error:Uncaught Exception, Exception Type: System.Net.Sockets.SocketException, Exception Message: No such host is known
10:23:49:StackTrace: at System.Net.Dns.GetAddrInfo(String name)

This blog states we need Orchestrator beta and RC is not yet supported/tested.

Hoped you had made some progress on this.


Hans Vredevoort
Consultant & MVP

Rob Plank  commented on  Tuesday, March 26, 2013  4:13 PM 
have you looked at this blog post? it didn't allow me to get any further in the setup but something to double check.

Cameron Fuller  commented on  Tuesday, March 26, 2013  7:53 PM 
Hey Rob, good blog link - thank you for pointing that out! I later blogged on the newly released version of this and successful installation at

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