MOMCertImport.exe crashing? (#SCOM, #SYSCTR)

If your MOMCertImport is crashing with a 0xc000007b error? If so, check to make sure that you didn’t make the mistake that I did. We were attempting to add several gateways where we did not have connectivity via 5723 from our Gateways to our Management Servers so we were pre-working what we could on the systems. Specifically we were adding the certificates on both the Gateways and on the Management Servers. I didn’t think it through and tried to use the MOMCertImport on the Gateways and it kept crashing. After checking the usual suspects (wrong version of the program, running on the wrong platform (x64 vs x86), UAC, running it as an administrator, and even copying MOMCertImport.exe from another environment) did we realize the issue – we hadn’t installed the Gateway yet so it did not have the DLL’s and such required to run the program!


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Summary: Receiving an error of 0xc000007b when running MOMCertImport.exe? Check to make sure that you already installed the Gateway or Management Server you are running the program on!


P.S. Happy Halloween!

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