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OpsMgr 2012, Savision & Dashboards (#SCOM, #SYSCTR)   

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I just wrapped up and really enjoyed a webinar called Top 5 Reasons to Migrate to SCOM 2012.  I worked with the folks at Savision on this to show what is new in OpsMgr 2012 and thoughts on how Savision will integrate when OpsMgr 2012 is released. The highlight from my perspective was seeing the following demonstrated: OpsMgr 2012 with Savision dashboard components integrated (and showing VitalSigns integrated). Check these out!

savision in a dashboard2

Live Maps & OpsMgr 2012 Dashboards #1

savision in a dashboard

Live Maps & OpsMgr 2012 Dashboards #2

savision in a dashboard - integrated with vitalsigns

Vital Signs & OpsMgr 2012

I’ll update this blog entry with the PowerPoint deck link and a link to the recording. There were lots of great Q&A questions that we are compiling and gathering answers for – thank you to everyone who attended!

Posted by  Cameron Fuller  on  10/11/2011
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