New functionality in the Windows Server Core OS MP version 6.0.6957.0 (#SCOM, #SYSCTR)

Kevin Holman has already written up on this MP at but I wanted to throw in my 2 cents on this topic. There are two critical items which I see in this MP which I see as large steps forward:

CSV Monitoring: I was at a client when a CSV ran out of disk space and that was close to being a really bad issue. Any insights that we can provide on CSV’s and their health in OpsMgr are extremely beneficial.

New Reports: I saw these at MMS and have been looking forward to when they will be released. Note: These are added as a separate MP which you need to download from the pinpoint site.

Seperate reports for Base OS

Below is an example of the Performance by System Report.


Below is an example of the Performance by Utilization Report.


There are some challenges occurring with this MP as well which folks should be aware of – an explanation of these are available on connect at: A summary of reported items are below with my 2c in the brackets:

“1: Report execution might fail because of lacking proper security settings on a Stored Procedure;
2: Importing the MP might fail when one has many overrides in place for diskspace.
3: Knowledge is out of date for the new default values in the free space monitors;
4: The BPA monitors can be noisy for Server 2008R2 systems; [Appears to be related to WSUS errors reported by the BPA]
5: The ‘performance by utilization’ report section dealing with Logical Disk % Idle time is upside down: the lowest idle time values are on top (100% Idle time is the lowest) and the highest idle time (anything close to 10% or even less) are on the bottom.”

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