AVIcode Installation Error (#SCOM)

I have now seen or heard of this particular error when installing AVIcode from three different sources so I figured it’s time to put it out there in case others run into this. The installation of AVIcode goes smooth, but when attempting to open any of the websites from the Intercept web page the following is displayed:


This is caused by a permissions issue. When you install the SE Viewer it sets up the database as the user you are logged in as but the IIS App pool is running as NT AUTHORITY that does not have permission on the external SQL box. Options to work around this include

  • Changing the IIS App Pool it to run with an account that has permissions on the database.
  • Changing the permissions on the database so that NT AUTHORITY has the permissions required to the database.

This may be covered in the installation documentation but if it is it was at best not intuitive as I’ve seen multiple people run into this and I ran into it as well.

Thanks to Rick Williams for his assistance on this!

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