QuickTricks–What is the value for Time Zone and Time Zone Name fields in an OpsMgr when running an SRS report directly? (#SCOM)

We were recently debugging some issues in an environment where reports are not running correctly due to an error when the report is launched. To debug on this, we were attempting to run reports directly from SRS but we were prompted for these two values (Time Zone, Time Zone Name) to run a report such as the DataWarehouse settings report (shown below) which we did not know appropriate values for.

We made multiple attempts to fill out the Time Zone and Time Zone Name fields with no success. To determine these values, we scheduled the same report to run (from the Operations Manager console / Reporting) as shown below.


We configured it to run once and by choosing the appropriate Time Zone Name field from the drop down list. This provided us with appropriate values for both fields.


Once we had these values we were able to use them to run the report directly from SRS as shown below.


Summary: If you are trying to run a report directly out of SRS but you are stuck on what to provide for the Time Zone and Time Zone Name fields create  a scheduled report and gather these values from the scheduled report.

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