Savision Live Maps – Fixing the Bread Trail

A while back I wrote a blog entry on how to move Live Maps from a QA environment to a production environment (available here). When I added the new maps, I renamed them to remove the QA names in the Savision Live Maps authoring tool. While this worked (mostly), there was an annoying issue which occurred for the maps which were moved. As an example a top level map was labeled “MAP1”, and our submap was called “SUBMAP1”. When we opened the top level map it displayed the MAP1 on the top left of the Savision Live Map, but when we opened the SUBMAP1 it displayed an incorrect path (what I’m calling correctly or incorrectly a bread trail) which was now MAP1 QA / SUBMAP1 as shown below.


The first step on debugging this was based upon the assumption that there was something which was mislabeled – so I opened the Savision authoring console and reviewed all of the objects involved but I could find no reference to MAP1 QA. As the next step to debug this, I exported the Live Maps management pack (discussed in the article linked above) and reviewed the XML. In the XML (Searching for the MAP1 QA reference I had found in the bread trail). From reviewing the XML I found that there were references to group names which matched the incorrect information in the bread trail.

To resolve this issue, I opened the authoring pane and searched for the group names. I do not know if this is supported or not (I’m leaning towards not supported because it says on the Savision groups not to rename or delete them).


However once I renamed the groups from their QA names to the correct names (from MAP1 QA to MAP1) this resolved the issue for our environment.


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