Cameron Fuller
Cameron is an author, speaker, Microsoft MVP (Cloud and Datacenter Management), principal consultant and Corporate Practice Lead for Catapult Systems. Cameron blogs about infrastructure topics including SCOM, the Cloud, virtualization and consulting.
Jun 092010
My colleague JC Warner pointed this out to me a while ago and I’ve been meaning to blog on it. The Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) Tool takes Performance Log files and analyzes it against user defined thresholds to produce HTML files with graph ...[Read more]

Jun 082010
I recently was working on a way to translate rules from MOM 2005 to OpsMgr 2007 without using the backward compatibility management pack. While the concept worked out well, I made a mistake in how I targeted these new rules. What I started seeing ...[Read more]

Jun 072010
Alert:IIS Stop Command Issue:Two alerts are generated as part of the SharePoint 2007 management pack when IIS is stopped and started. These are the "IIS Stop Command" and "IIS Start Command". Each is generated by a rule so th ...[Read more]

Jun 032010
How should a consultant dress when they are on client site? While at a top level this appears to be a pretty intuitive question to answer, when you get into the weeds of it there is a lot more to it than there would appear to be. The initial thought ...[Read more]

Jun 022010
During some testing that I had been working on, I ended up creating about 50 different management packs which contained some rules which I was testing how to translate from MOM 2005 to OpsMgr 2007. To clean up my lab environment I needed to delete ...[Read more]

Jun 012010
We’re working on a MOM 2005 to OpsMgr 2007 migration where we are going to use the subscriptions that we define to verify our ability to send the similar types of notifications which we are currently sending via MOM 2005. As part of this we need t ...[Read more]

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