Operations Console will not open – SDK service has not yet initialized

We ran into a situation where when we tried to open the Operations Manager 2007 R2 console.  The console would not open and failed with a message saying that the “SDK service has not yet initialized. Please retry…” To diagnose this we tried to restart services on the RMS and debug from the Operations Manager event log which indicated that there was an issue communicating with the database server. We attempted to ping the database server (and to telnet to the server on the SQL port) but no issues were with network communication between the RMS and the database server. We logged into the SQL server and verified all the SQL services were running. Next we attempted to determine if the Operations Manager database was offline through using the SQL Server 2008 Management tools but we were unable to connect to the SQL server either locally or from a remote system which had the tools installed. We ended up restarting the SQL Browser service on the SQL server with the Operations Manager database and then we were able to connect both through the SQL management tools and through the Operations Console.

Summary: Can’t open the Operations Manager console due to the SDK service not initializing?  After proper debugging (see above for examples) you may want to restart the SQL Browser service.

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