QuickTricks – The Default Management Pack in OpsMgr

You most likely have already heard multiple times – “Don’t use the Default Management Pack in Operations Manager!”.  If not see this article for an example of some fun with cleanup (thank you Mr. Holman!). At MMS last week I was in Rory McCaw’s session entitled “The Top 20 Must Have Customizations”. Rory went through a lot of different items (ok, at least 20 of them) but he had a configuration on his environment which I wanted to point out because I thought it was genius. This may be a well known trick, but I hadn’t seen it yet so here goes.

Start by locating your default management pack in the Operations Manager Console / Management Packs, Look for “default management pack” as shown below.


Double-click and on the general tab, change the name of the management pack to “DO NOT USE!!!”.


When an OpsMgr administrator attempts to create an override, the name of the MP is shown below – and may help to remind the administrators not to use the default management pack.


Additionally during the session Rory discussed a management pack which he developed which provides an alert when more than two overrides exist on the default management pack. This approach could make it easier to identify when overrides have been created in the incorrect management pack.

Summary: Trying to avoid administrators storing overrides in the default MP? Try renaming it to something like “DO NOT USE!!!”

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