MMS 2010 Keynote 4/20: Summary for Geeks

We just wrapped up attending the MMS 2010 Keynote by Bob Muglia this morning which was a really good session. There was too much good stuff to go through in details, so what we’re going to do is hit the highlights that we saw during the session:

1) Official releases of both System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 and System Center Service Manager 2010!

2) Demonstration of a Distributed Application (DA) with components which were locally monitored and available from the cloud using Azure. Demonstration of a task to “Add Web Rule Instances” for the cloud resources. Demonstration of performance information gathered via the web front-end components in Azure. These functions were provided via a management pack that was stated to be publicly available “later this year”.

3) SCVMM 2011 Tech Preview version – The ribbon concept (Microsoft Office, etc) was integrated with SCVMM which implies that this is a technical direction for the UI for the System Center product line.

4) First sighting of an Opalis workflow within a Operations Manager 2007 R2 console.

5) SCVMM 2010 Tech Preview version – Demonstrated scans for compliance of the image offline, patching offline, and orchestrating deployment of the image. SCVMM was stated to communicate with WSUS for patches.

6) OpsMgr v10 screenshot – displaying changes to the console including the removal of the “Authoring” section and the addition of the “Modeling Configuration”.

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