Error in the Authoring View


Recently I was contacted by a customer who was getting a pop-up error in his OpsMgr console when he would open up the Authoring View.  Initially we weren’t sure if the problem was with his profile or if he was experiencing some sort of permissions issue. But after some initial testing (opening the console > Authoring View using another account) it dawned on me that the error message was simply stating that something that was previously “found” was no longer “found”.  Upon further investigation, it was determined that the customer was only seeing this issue because his Authoring view had been previously scoped.  We were able to clear up the problem by performing the following actions:

Open the Authoring view; with scope OFF, click on SCOPE, select View All Targets, and CLEAR ALL, then OK.

This cleared out the previous scope allowing the customer to open the Authoring view unscoped and error free. 


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