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So You Want to Become a PMP?? (Part 1)

Now that you know what all the Buzz is about, you’re thinking I want to know about this PMP and project management and should I consider becoming one….
There are many reasons why you should consider becoming a PMP as well as many considerations you may want to look at.  Project Management is not for everyone and you should consider if project management is right for you.  I will provide some considerations for you and once you have made the decision that you want to pursue project management and more importantly the designation of Project Management Professional (PMP), I will take you on the journey of becoming certifiable…
Many people do project management tasks in their daily jobs but are not considered project managers.  Many companies today expect personnel at all levels and career paths to understand and be familiar with project management methodologies and to put these methodologies into daily practice.
First let’s define what project management is:  “Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.  Project management is accomplished through the appropriate application and integration of the 47 logically grouped project management processes, which are categorized in five (5) process groups: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing.”
Most businesses today cannot afford to have projects or objectives fail and therefor are putting much more emphasis on certification in project management methodologies.  I will talk about different project management methodologies in a future blog.
Here are the top reasons for becoming a certified project manager (these order of listing is random):
·        Knowledge/Professional Development: learning proven project management methodologies and techniques will allow you to be more productive and will greatly increase the chances for project(s) success.
·        Recognition from Peers and Community: Once you have completed certification, you gain an immediate level of recognition within the professional community because the standards for becoming a PMP are very stringent and are unlike other technologies where you can gain certification with little to no real world experience.
·        Increased Career Opportunities: Due to the industry recognized value of seasoned and certified project managers, many companies and organizations hold PMP certification in with high esteem and the trend is that they are actively seeking some level of project management certification.
·        Self Esteem: Once you have gone through the rigors of accumulating the necessary requirements and have passed the rigorous exam, you should have a great feeling of accomplishment and pride in your success.
·        Potential for Increased Compensation: There have been many studies done in the industry that show that individuals that possess PMP certification can generally obtain 15 – 20 % more than their non – certified counterparts.
While none of these reasons are guarantees of success in the industry as a project manager, they should provide enough incentive for you to continue contemplating your path to being certifiable.  Tune in to “So You Want to Become a PMP?? (Part 2)” where I discuss how to get started on being certifiable…

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