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Windows Phone to iPhone Day 3

Today I hit the first real head exploding moment with the iPhone…contacts and contact management.  Ugh.  Let me set this up.  I work with multiple O365 accounts and have hundreds of contacts in them.  My home account has about 400 and one of my work ones has about 800.  On my Windows Phone the native connection allowed me to save contacts and choose which cloud service that I was saving the contact to, or to save it locally.  This seems to me to be a standard requirements of contact management. Not so on the iPhone.  When I first setup my

Windows Phone to iPhone Day 2

Windows Phone 10 had a neat new feature that I thought was going to be awesome.  It was called Hello Windows and it allowed you to login to your phone by the phone looking at your face. It was yet another disappointment.  Why?  Two reasons.  One was because it took too long to actually authenticate you and it drained battery life.  I tend to look at the glance screen a ton to see what messages I have, or appointments and if you did that enough, it would error out the Hello feature.  Eventually I turned it off. The iPhone has

Windows Phone to iPhone Day 1

Today I will share the neatest thing I experienced on my iPhone. I do a lot of meetings and most of them are on conference bridges where I have to type an 800# and then a 7-15 digit passcode to get in. On my Windows Phone I used to have an app that did this, but it disappeared with WinPhone 8. Since then I have had to hand type the numbers from the meeting to the phone dialer. This can be especially tricky in a car and often requires multiple screen swaps to get it right in large part because

WindowsPhone to iPhone Day 0

I’ve been an avid Windows Phone junkie from back in the Windows CE 6.0 days. I’ll admit to a year long sojourn to iOS prior to Windows Phone 7.5 releasing an wooing me back, but I think I’ve cut the last cord and now am back on iOS for good. What was the final straw?  The Microsoft 950 and the prior 1520 seriously lacked in hardware quality but in the end Windows Phone 10 never lived up to its promise and with Microsoft essentially abandoning the platform and the OS staying was getting more and more difficult while switching was

SharePoint Hybrid Search Not Getting All Results

I worked this through with a co-worker yesterday and though I would share the solution. The Problem: You have setup the SharePoint Hybrid Search Connector using SharePoint 2013 or 2016. You have configured your content sources and crawled your content. Some of those local content sources are on file shares You are not getting search results for all of the content There is a search commend that you use to determine if your external content is showing up.  You use the IsCriticalSecurityObject=true in the search results and you will get all of your external content.  What we saw was that while

Using Flow to Delete #Joined Messages in All Company Group of Yammer

Huge kudos to Tom Kretzmer (MVP) for the idea and how to on this one.  I wanted to post this to the blog to increase the signal and share the knowledge. The problem Yammer has this great functionality that automatically post a message to the All Company group whenever a new person joins Yammer.  It looks something like: This is a great feature to welcome new users into the Yammer fold and to direct them to the Day One or Yammer 101 group.  The problem comes in when you have a very large network, or when you are launching Yammer and a

Office 365 Groups, one of the most powerful underused features of

It has been a while since Microsoft rolled out Office 365 Groups out to general availability and it caused a lot of confusion from many segments.  First, was it a Yamemr killer?  Second was it a file collaboration, or an email communication?  Third, was it something to control or something to let loose? Are O365 Groups a Yammer Killer? Darn good question and one that there isn’t an “official” answer to that I have heard.  If we look at the history of Microsoft and acquisitions of critical functionlity like FAST Search then Yammer is destined to be a part of

Why I’m SMITTEN with SharePoint 2016

Today we saw Microsoft reinvigorate it’s flagship for collaboration in the workplace, SharePoint 2016.  I, for one, am glad that Jeff Teper is back in charge and making SharePoint something that is the focus of Microsoft as opposed to just a cog in the machine.  I am also happy with the strategy that they have released.  The Cloud, specifically Office 365, is the innovations laboratory for SharePoint features and functionality.  There we have already seen most of SharePoint 2016 already released and now those on premise users can get some of that SharePoint goodness. The focus for Microsoft is evolving.

Another Powershell XML Gem

  One of the really cool things about Powershell is the ease with which you can read in XML and use Dot Notation “.” to get to elements.  For those of us whose XPath-Fu is weak this is awesome! I have been using this to walk web.config files recently and I ran into an issue.  Let’s look at a sample web.config file… In this case I am loading every web.config on a server to validate that it is not storing credentials.  To accomplish this I use the following code  This gets me each web.config file for every Site

Powershell Select from Multiple Config Files

One of the things I like most about PowerShell is the ease with which you can read XML and use it in your scripts.  Here is the function that I use to load an XML configuration file as an example: Its so easy that everyone does it and we end up with lots of XML configuration files for our scripts.  Usually I will setup a config file for each server or farm and I want to keep them so that I know what was used on that instance.  This leads to a bunch of XML files and when I