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OneDrive for Business Shared With Me Folder Permissions Management

Recently I had a client that wanted the Shared with Everyone folder in their employees One Drive for Business to have the Everyone permissions revoked.  They didn’t want anyone sharing items with everyone.  Part of that is the use the Set-SPOTenant PowerShell cmdlet with the –ShowEveryoneClaim and the ShowEveryoneExceptExternalUsersClaim both set to false.  If we can grab the folder then what we really need to do is just to reset the permissions to the default.  In fact, there is a method that we can call.  Its called ResetRoleInheritance and it will mak...

Microsoft’s SharePoint Strategy

As a SharePoint person over the past dozen plus years I have seen MICROSOFT change its strategy on SharePoint multiple times. From its origin as a file repository to a CMS platform to enterprise content management to the cloud as a part of O365 and now as they attempt to revive SharePoint as its own brand, Microsoft certainly hasn’t been afraid to change directions as needed.  Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes, and I use that word with some trepidation, was the post 2013 move to subsume SharePoint into Office 365 and treat it like it was a service without

Windows Phone 10 to iPhone Week 2 – Video and Photos

So, my journey has continued and it hasn’t been without a few bumps.  The primary one is self-inflicted.  You see, when we got into using iPhones for my family many years ago Apple didn’t allow for multiple accounts so everyone shared my Apple ID.  This meant that we didn’t have to purchase apps multiple times, but it also has a few side effects.  Let’s talk about two of them.  The first is that when you add an iPhone to your account and sign in with the shared Apple ID you end up getting text messages that are meant for other

Windows Phone to iPhone Week 1 In the Books

So, its been a week since I made the switch and today I wanted to talk about how Apple really caught up with Microsoft on ease of use as part of the OS.  One thing I really liked about my Windows Phone was the speed with which I could accomplish basic tasks because they were part of the OS and not an app that I have to find and then open.  This was best shown by the 2012 ad campaign that they did called Smoked by a Windows Phone Quick Actions Menu Over time this was less and less of

Windows Phone to iPhone Day 3

Today I hit the first real head exploding moment with the iPhone…contacts and contact management.  Ugh.  Let me set this up.  I work with multiple O365 accounts and have hundreds of contacts in them.  My home account has about 400 and one of my work ones has about 800.  On my Windows Phone the native connection allowed me to save contacts and choose which cloud service that I was saving the contact to, or to save it locally.  This seems to me to be a standard requirements of contact management. Not so on the iPhone.  When I f...

Windows Phone to iPhone Day 2

Windows Phone 10 had a neat new feature that I thought was going to be awesome.  It was called Hello Windows and it allowed you to login to your phone by the phone looking at your face. It was yet another disappointment.  Why?  Two reasons.  One was because it took too long to actually authenticate you and it drained battery life.  I tend to look at the glance screen a ton to see what messages I have, or appointments and if you did that enough, it would error out the Hello feature.  Eventually I turned it off. The iPhone has

Windows Phone to iPhone Day 1

Today I will share the neatest thing I experienced on my iPhone. I do a lot of meetings and most of them are on conference bridges where I have to type an 800# and then a 7-15 digit passcode to get in. On my Windows Phone I used to have an app that did this, but it disappeared with WinPhone 8. Since then I have had to hand type the numbers from the meeting to the phone dialer. This can be especially tricky in a car and often requires multiple screen swaps to get it right in large part because

WindowsPhone to iPhone Day 0

I’ve been an avid Windows Phone junkie from back in the Windows CE 6.0 days. I’ll admit to a year long sojourn to iOS prior to Windows Phone 7.5 releasing an wooing me back, but I think I’ve cut the last cord and now am back on iOS for good. What was the final straw?  The Microsoft 950 and the prior 1520 seriously lacked in hardware quality but in the end Windows Phone 10 never lived up to its promise and with Microsoft essentially abandoning the platform and the OS staying was getting more and more difficult while switching was