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Creating an All-In-One Operations Manager 2016 in Azure

This blog post is designed to get you from nothing to an All-In-One Operations Manager 2016 environment running in Azure on Windows 2016 with SQL 2016 in a couple of hours from start to finish. The following are the major steps involved: Creating the IaaS system in Azure Configure IaaS and the Operating System Configuring the system as a Domain Controller Installing Operations Manager 2016 pre-requisites Installing Operations Manager 2016 Configuring Operations Manager 2016 Creating the IaaS system in Azure: Start with Azure and use the existing Windows Server image...

What’s new in System Center 2016 and Windows Server 2016 webinar

Do you want to know what’s new in Configuration Manager, System Center Operations Manager 2016 and Windows Server 2016? If so you won’t want to miss the one-time webinar featuring Wally Mead, Mick Talbott and some slacker who says he knows a few things about Operations Manager J On Thursday December 8th, we will be covering the following topics from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm PST What’s new in Windows Server 2016 – Mick What’s new in System Center Operations Manager 2016 – Cameron What’s

How does the update solution for OMS actually deploy patches?

For a little while now Microsoft has had an Update management solution which provides one stop visualization for Windows and Linux patch status. They recently added a very exciting feature of this solution which actually performs the patch management on your systems! For details on this solution including what it visualizes and how as well as how to use this to deploy patches see the article at: This blog post will deconstruct how OMS is actually performing the patch of these sy...

The Server (and client) Performance Solution for OMS

Are you looking for a way to use OMS to give you performance information? Check out this pre-built solution which you can have running in your environment in less than 5 minutes. Earlier this year I wrote a series of blog posts on how to visualize server information in OMS. I have been working on evolving this and with help from. I took insights from the OMS community and combined that with some enhancements to the View Designer to move this forward. Microsoft has also provided the ability to easily import a pre-built solution into OMS so this is now

Catapult guest blogging on TechNet blogs!

I am excited to announce that bloggers from Catapult systems have joined the ranks of other excellent guest bloggers on the TechNet blogs! Matthew Dowst and I teamed up to write a blog post on how to avoid reinventing the wheel when you are using Azure Automation. This is available at: Two of three blog posts related to visualizing weather information via OMS and Power BI are now also live at:

Western US Operations Manager 2016 and automation roadtrip!

Mid-November I’m going to be hitting the road to visit some of my favorite sections of the western US. So if you are in Bellevue, Phoenix, or Minneapolis I will be in your neck of the woods very soon! On Monday November 14th, I will be joining Wally Mead discussing what’s new in System Center 2016 in Bellevue, WA. On Tuesday November 15th, I will be hosting an event on IT Automation Trends in Phoenix, AZ On Wednesday November 16th, I will be joining an incredible team of Operations Manager SME’s (including Bob Cornelissen (SCOM Bob), Dieter Wjickma...

Creating an approval process with multiple potential actions in Flow

How can you perform more a more complicated automation with Microsoft Flow? This example will show how you can use multiple conditions to cause Flow to perform a variety of actions based on what you choose in an approval email. Background on Flow: A while back I created an automation with Flow which creates a tweet based upon when specific hashtags are found and the tweet is approved. The original Flow information is available at: I have also...

Austin, TopGolf and Automation!

Are you interested in learning what’s new in the constantly evolving world of automation? Come and join us at TopGolf in Austin on October 19th to learn more about the landscape of IT automation. Registration is available here, I hope to see you there!

What I learned about Operations Manager 2016 and OMS by (not) attending Ignite

Marnix already beat me to the “What’s new in Operations Manager 2016” answer so for those please go to his blog post at: On the OMS side of things, here’s the big announcements that I found out about via Twitter or sessions which were available from live stream: OMS integration with Azure: Monitoring for VMware:, https://twitte...

No data appearing when using the Log Analytics HTTP Data Collector API

Microsoft recently released the Log Analytics HTTP Data Collector API which provides a way to send data into Microsoft OMS without requiring an OMS agent. To test this out I decided to start with Stefan’s blog series on how to inject data for stock prices. His blog posts are available at: Using the HTTP OMS Data Collector API for real-world scenario’s–Part 1: Using the HTTP OMS Data Collector API for real-world scenario...