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Building dynamically updating Business Services and dashboards in Operations Manager

Microsoft’s recent acquisition of BlueStripe is an area of extreme interest for people who live and breathe in the Microsoft monitoring space. This acquisition has been the subject of several articles including: I also reference the BlueStripe acquisition in the whitepaper which I recently released which is available at This acquisition raises some interesting questions about whether this type of functionality will be included in the next release of Operations Manager. At this point there is no indication one way or the other with regards to this topic but the potential value add

How to add users to your #OMS subscription

This is a quick article explaining the steps required to add users to your existing OMS subscription. To add users to your OMS subscription log on as your administrator account for OMS ( and go to the top right corner of the screen and left-click. Choose the first option listed (which will be name of your subscription). On the settings tab you can manage your users: From this screen you can add, edit or remove accounts using a Microsoft account or an Organization account. Accounts can be added as a Microsoft account or an Organizational account. Adding a user either

Workaround for no television guide available in Windows Media Center after July 20th 2015

I have been a Windows Media Center user for a while as can be easily seen from the variety of blog posts which I have written on this topic (as shown below): What’s the issue? Recently I found that no programs were scheduled for recording on my Media PC. This is pretty much unheard of in my household so this started ringing some alarm bells. With some debugging I found that the television guide was not updating correctly for my over antenna signals. The issue was easy to see when opening the

Adding performance information in a Savision Live Map

Recently a group of Cloud and Datacenter focused MVP’s finished up a podcast on the current state of Dashboards and Operations Manager. This included Lee Berg, Pete Zerger, Tao Yang and myself. (@PZerger @MrTaoYang @cfullerMVP @LeeAlanBerg @insidepodcast). If you are interested in dashboards related to Operations Manager this is a podcast which you will not want to miss. It’s available at: In preparation for this podcast I wanted to check out how we can add different types of performance information into a Savision Live Map. This doesn’t appear to be well documented yet so this blog post will go

Fixing a degraded virtual disk in a storage pool with a drive configured as a hot spare

I love the concept of Storage Spaces, especially the ability to leverage SSD drives combined with hard drives for high speed disk performance. I did run into some issues with one of my storage spaces so in this blog post we will discuss the issue that I ran into and steps which I took to resolve the issue. Major topics for this blog post are: An introduction to storage spaces, virtual disks and physical disks Identifying issues on a virtual disk Identifying physical disks with errors Finding and removing the physical disk which is going bad Addressing challenges with the

Join the discussion on Operations Manager and its relevance in the cloud

Do you have questions about Operations Manager and its place in the world of the cloud? If so join myself and Dennis Rietvink from Savision to tackle the question: “Is Operations Manager still relevant in the world of the Cloud?“ Registration for the webinar is available at: The whitepaper on this topic is also available for download at:

San Antonio user group meeting today!

 I’m in San Antonio today for the San Antonio user group meeting which is occurring at the Microsoft office on Sonterra Boulevard (details below): I’m glad to be presenting on “What’s new in the world of Microsoft monitoring” and to be sharing the stage for presentations with Microsoft Field Engineer Steve Rachui and 1E as the sponsor. Steve’s presentations are on Mobile Device Management troubleshooting as well as Software Update Strategy. If you are in town and interested in system center you should check this out! This is a free event but you need to register to attend.    

Is Operations Manager still relevant? #SYSCTR #SCOM #AZURE

With Microsoft so focused on the cloud, it causes concerns about the future of technologies which many of us live and breathe on a daily basis. To tackle this topic I have written a whitepaper which looks at Operations Manager and its futures from a variety of angles to answer the question: “Is Operations Manager still relevant in the world of the cloud?” Highlights of this whitepaper include: A history of Operations Manager and what conclusions we can draw from that history Cloud first, mobile first, and it’s impacts on System Center The Microsoft Operations Management Suite and how it

Configuring Azure Site Recovery plus Automation and Backup in #MSOMS

At Microsoft Ignite there was lots of great stuff related to Microsoft technologies and some good stuff specific around Operations Manager. For Operations Manager related updates I would recommend the following sessions: Microsoft System Center Operations Manager: Monitoring is a modern world: Platform Vision & Strategy: What’s new in System Center for Management: And of course the keynote: The most exciting announcement at Ignite from a monitoring perspective was the GA release of the Microsoft Operations Manager Suite (OMS for short if you haven’t seen this TLA yet). For OMS sessions I recommend the following from Ignite: