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Teaming up with Clint Wyckoff for Veeam Live!

Clint Wyckoff and I are teaming up with Jose Mendoza and Shawn Lieu for “Veeam, Microsoft Hyper-V and System Center Are Better Together” on December 2nd (Wednesday) at 11:00 am (UTC -06:00). I am excited for this opportunity and looking forward to presenting with Clint especially as he and I have also been developing a whitepaper focusing on how to make Operations Manager alerts actionable. Highlights from the upcoming Veeam Live event include: How the Veeam Management pack can provide increased visibility into your Hyper-V infrastructure Protect and restore for Microsoft Active Directory, SQL Server and SharePoint Veeam Hyper-V Backup

Visualizing free disk space information using OMS

If I posed the question to the readers of this blog I bet I could get a dozen or more different approaches that we could use to visualize free disk information in Operations Manager either as out-of-the-box functionality or using 3rd party solutions (for those who are interested I will be following up with a blog post summarizing options in OpsMgr, 3rd party solutions and showcase some Power BI options over the Operations Manager DW so keep an eye out here). The question here is how do we do this type of functionality with the “new kid on the block”

Wally and I team up for our last roadshow in 2015!

Wally Mead and I have had a year where we seem to keep running into each other at conferences and we have been on several roadshows together including: Reston, VA and ElkRidge, MD Tampa and Boca Raton We’re getting the band back together for one more set of roadshows this year focusing on Operations Manager vNext, Configuration Manager vNext and Server vNext. So if you want to find out about what’s coming in these products you will not want to miss these! Wally and I will be visiting Seattle Seattle: Register Now (December 8) Portland: Register Now (December 9) Boise:

How is the weight determined for recommendations within the assessment tools in OMS

During the IT/Devconnections conference there was a good question asked by an attendee at one of the OMS sessions to explain how the various weights for recommendations on the assessment categories are calculated. This blog post is designed to answer that question through the following major topics: What are recommendation weights in OMS? How recommendations are weighted What is the formula or equation for the score and weight of recommendations in OMS? Do the weight or the score impact the donut chart sizing? What do the values for probability, effort and impact equate to?

Providing feedback about management packs where it counts

One of the constant drumbeats over last decade that I have been working with Operations Manager has been issues with management packs (or management pack quality). This is valid feedback, but often it’s valid feedback that doesn’t seem to actually go anywhere. Recently Microsoft has integrated an option called UserVoice for feedback. UserVoice allows you to submit your ideas or suggestions for Microsoft products. I have recently seen significant success with User Voice around Microsoft OMS. The screenshots below shows a before and after image for the UserVoice for OMS. The important thing to note is that both of the

Providing notification when OMS solutions update management packs in your environment

During sessions that I had at the Midwest Management Summit, I mentioned a challenge related to OMS. The challenge is related to change controls and how OMS handles updates to management packs. In OMS when you add a solution, the management packs which are part of that solution are deployed into your environment. That part makes sense and should work within normal change control requirements. The challenge is that when Microsoft updates its OMS solutions that updates the existing management packs which you have in your environment. Currently this occurs without any form of notification which means that changes are

Top 10 lessons learned from attending VeeamON

I had the opportunity to attend and speak at my first VeeamON conference this year in Las Vegas at the Aria from October 26-29. The session I co-presented on was called “Architecting Operations Manager Solutions with Veeam” and I had the honor of co-presenting with both Pete Zerger and Michael Stafford. This was an extremely professionally run event with a lot of great approaches to conferences which I had not seen before. This blog post will the top ten highlights of what I learned about conferences from attending VeeamON:   Key insights: VeeamON started this event on the right foot

Top five insights for year two at the Midwest Management Summit

I was honored to be included among the “Featured Speakers” at the Midwest Management Summit event this year in Minnesota from November 9th to the 11th at the Mall of America. A lot of my thoughts from last year still apply so I’ll focus on this year. If you want to know more about last year’s event see this post. The top five insights which I had for this year’s event are: Community: MMS very much has the feel of a community event while maintaining a high level of professionalism. The event staff was on top of things and all

Targeting OMS solutions to specific systems in Operations Manager

Microsoft OMS provide the ability to gather data from a huge variety of sources and to help to visualize this data. You determine what types of data you want to collect based upon the solutions which you activate in your workspace. These are added in the solutions gallery shown below: (check out the new “Containers” solution which is coming soon, good stuff still coming!) OMS makes it easy to onboard the systems that you want to add to OMS in the Operations Manager console as shown below. In OMS you can see the amount of data which is gathered on

Monster of SCOM level team-ups arriving at MMS this year!

Last year at the Midwest Management Summit was a blast! I had a chance to co-present with my friend Bob, hang out with a lot of great System Center folks and in general just geek out (for my thoughts on last year’s conference check this out). This year’s session list is looking awesome and I realized this morning how many top level SCOM team-ups are scheduled for this year! Some of the SCOM and OMS focused sessions I’m interested are listed below: (alphabetical order) Architecting Operations Manager in a Cloudy world (Bob Cornelissen and I are teaming up) Cross-Platform Management