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Applying automation and approvals to RSS with Microsoft Flow

Microsoft’s release of Flow has put Automation as a Service for Microsoft into the mainstream. For background, I have been using Microsoft Flow primarily for social media related tasks. I blogged a while back on how I was using Flow for twitter retweet approvals as an example. I also use Flow to provide retweets with approvals for specific RSS feeds. This article will show how to build the flow, show what the email approval looks like and take a quick tour through the new mobile application. How to build the flow: To create this flow, log into your account and

Returning to System Center Universe Europe!

I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to be able to return to SCU Europe this year! (for a chuckle about my last visit in October 2013 check out my “American Redneck in Europe” blog post). SCU Europe is a three day event spanning five tracks and is being held this year in Berlin. This year I am excited to say that I will be presenting two sessions, participating in two “Ask-the-Experts” session, one discussion panel and one meet and greet! We start off strong on Wednesday August 24th with my off-the-rails session: “Microsoft OMS & Operations Manager: Mortal

How does a free game raise millions or billions of dollars?

Pokémon Go generated about $35 million in revenue in its first two weeks and raises approximately 1.6 million per day from iPhone users alone. Nintendo’s stock temporarily increased by 25% or about 11 billion dollars. Even with Nintendo only owning 32% of the Pokemon Company who owns the intellectual property rights to this franchise the numbers here are still staggering. So how is a “free” game generating so much revenue? This blog post will discuss several topics including: How does Pokémon Go make money as a “freemium” game? How to get the best deals for your PokeCoins What’s the best

Augmented Reality goes mainstream

July 2016 may go down in history as the month that Augmented Reality went mainstream. Augmented Reality’s embrace into the mainstream came from an unlikely source – a game called Pokémon Go. This game has been a huge boon to Nintendo who has seen its stock double since the release of the game. In this blog post we’ll discuss what Augmented Reality is, what Pokémon Go is, how the game works, positives and negatives to the game and more. What is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality (AR) is “a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the

How do I get help from the technical community?

You are facing a technical problem but there doesn’t seem to be an answer. You need to reach out for help, but you don’t know where to start. There are a myriad of different approaches available to try to get help, which should you choose and why? (Forums, Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, books/articles, contacts such as MVP’s and other SME’s and more). Which ones will provide the quickest route to a correct answer? This blog post is to provide a quick summary of the options available and recommendations for how to get help from the technical community. Before you ask,

Applying automation and approvals to Twitter with Microsoft Flow

Recently Microsoft announced the release of their automation tool called Flow to assist with the constant of “Do More with Less”. For an introduction into Flow check this out. To get started with Flow check it out at: Automation is an area of interest for me so I decided to spend some time kicking the tires to see what Microsoft Flow can do. Overall, I’ve been impressed with what’s available at this point and I’ve found a couple of use-cases which I am getting benefit from Flow. There are a lot of pre-built Templates for Flow which you can

Using searches in OMS to identify what is assessed in the SQL assessment

Microsoft OMS provides an excellent best practices analyzer (SQL Assessment) for SQL server which is easy to install and quickly gain insights from for your SQL servers. The top level tile is shown below. This expands into a series of views which show the underlying recommendations based upon various top level areas (Security and Compliance, Availability and Business Continuity, Performance and Scalability, Upgrade, Migration and Deployment, Operations and Monitoring, Change and Configuration Management): Each of these in turn provide a detailed drill down with explanations of the recommendations including the suggested actions, prioritization guidance, affected objects, context and a link

Using the new View Designer in Microsoft OMS

Microsoft has made the “View Designer” now available in preview mode in OMS! What does this mean? This means that you can design your own tiles and visualizations which will plug into the top level view in OMS. I’ll show an example of what you can do with these to provide Server Health information in this blog post. To add the View Designer to your workspace, log into OMS and go to the settings and choose the Preview Features tab as shown below. Enable the View Designer option, and chose enable on the warning feature page. Once this is enabled

What do golf and baseball have in common with automation?

If you work in the Dallas or San Antonio IT industry and would like to learn more about automation, then here’s your chance to find out! Catapult Systems is hosting events next week in both San Antonio and Dallas to provide you with the chance to hear more about IT automation, to socialize over food and beverages, and to enjoy either golf or baseball. Join us at Top Golf in San Antonio on Monday the 25th: Join us at the Dr. Pepper Ballpark in Dallas on Thursday the 28th:   Registration is limited, so sign up quickly if

Automation By Example with the Nest Thermostat

I am excited to launch a new series of blog posts and videos which will provide information on a variety of automation technologies and give my perspective from having worked with these technologies in my own life and home over a period of time. Technologies in this series will span home automation, personal automation and more (with a few surprises along the way if all goes according to plan). The goal for “By Example” posts like this are to give one geek’s personal experiences with a product or technology in as much of a step-by-step example as possible. Please note,