Programming Windows, 6th Edition eBook–Available Now

Charles Petzold is returning with a 6th edition of his Programming Windows book, this time focused on Windows 8. XAML, WinRT, MVVM and other Windows 8 specific topics. His last update to this series was 1998.

If you’ve been putting off learning the WPF/Silverlight/WinRT style of application building via XAML, O’Reilly has a great deal for the next two weeks. Order the eBook today, for $10, and you’ll get it today based on the Consumer Preview, then when it’s updated for Release Preview you’ll get that, then when it’s released finally you’ll get the book based on the Released version of Windows 8.

After the next two weeks, the price starts to rise in $10 increments until mid-November when it’s $50.


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