GeoFlow Add-In For Excel Announced – Sample Data Sneak Peek

Are you a geospatial head?  Do you have data that you would like to display on a map and animate over time?  If so, Microsoft just announced an exciting new add-in for Excel 2013 called, GeoFlow.  You can download the public preview here.


GeoFlow supports both 32 bit and 64 bit machines, and can be run on either Excel 2013 Professional Plus or Office 365 ProPlus.  Very exciting news, and below are some screenshots from the sample datasets provided.  All of these maps have a time dimension, so you can actually animate them to spot trends and outliers from a “play axis”.


The Add-In provides the ability to insert a GeoFlow map very similar to inserting a PowerView report:




Dallas Power Consumption since 2010 by Homes and Decade Built




Power Stations across the US 1900-2008


Chicago Narcotics Arrests


Food Inspections by Location – Greater Seattle Area


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