.\ Log on to a local computer .\

Most of the time you log on to a domain that a workstation is joined to.  Sometimes you want to log on locally to the workstation using a local account.  At the log on screen there’s a link that says:

“How do I log on to another domain?”

log on to a local computer

The link says:

log on to a local computer

“To log on to another domain, type domain name\domain user name.

To log on to your computer (not a domain), type ADAM-PC\local user name.”

log on to a local computer

ADAM-PC is used in this example and it’s pretty simple to remember but most of the time it’s some complex computer name.  I think I have ADD so I won’t be able to remember a computer name that is too difficult and I find it a waste of time to write down the computer name on paper just to type it back in.  Here’s an easier way:


Yup you saw it.

If you put that in the username field before your local username it will log you on to the local workstation.  Notice in the example below how it’s logging me on to the local workstations?  Pretty cool ‘eh?

log on to a local computer


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