Speaking at the June PMI Houston Shindig

Haven’t been quite so active on the blog as of late as I’ve been working on a couple of presentations and enjoying this beautiful south Texas weather with the kids.  Stay tuned as we have some good content getting queued up and due to be released in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, please note that I’ll be delivering three presentations at the upcoming June PMI Houston blowout (more details here).

Interestingly enough, they all ended up getting organized in descending order on the schedule:

1) Projects as Innovation Systems – the 80,000 ft overview of projects, innovation, and generally my GUT on problem identification.  Attend if you want to see the PMBOK processes painted in a whole new light, or learn what your project has in common with a puppy dog.  (I thought it might be refreshing if this presentation makes absolutely no mention of any tools whatsoever.)


2) Best Practices in EPM Deployment – the 40,000 ft overview of deploying Enterprise Project Management tools from my skewed and somewhat jaded perspective.


3) First Look: Microsoft Project 2010 – Desktop – the 1 ft in the weeds review of the product which by then should have reached the ripe old age of one month.


I kind of see these topics conceptually as a plane lazily circling as it comes in for landing.


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