MOPS07: Cannot Export My Tasks to Excel

I wanted to document this interesting issue.  (Well, interesting to me at least).  All credit goes to Ijaz Rasheed for identifying and researching this issue.


The Problem

Users attempt to export their My Tasks page to Excel.


Excel throws an error:


Clicking “Yes” only makes things worse…


The Workaround

Instead of using the menu to export to Excel, right click somewhere on the My Tasks grid, and use the IE Export to Excel feature.


The result is a messy Excel document however.  Until you show your end users how to develop a macro to clean it up, they will likely be unhappy.



The Solution

The issue is caused by specific fields on the My Tasks page.  As of today, based on Ijaz’s research, it would appear that the issue is consistently caused by having blank dates on the My Tasks page.  For instance, if you add the Actual Start or Actual Finish fields to the My Tasks page.  Until they are all filled out, you will not be able to export to Excel.

The solution is to remove the blank date fields from the My Tasks page.  Add them to the Assignment Details page, and encourage your end users to click through to there to fill in Actual Start and Actual Finish.


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