Saritha Kannaiahgari
Saritha is a senior consultant for Catapult Systems and blogs about SharePoint administration, development, branding and .NET.  She is a MCTS in SharePoint and .NET Web applications.
Oct 202011
We need to make sure we got these 2 software belows which plays major role. First things first you need two bits of software Something to extract files. Im using zip7 And a cab maker ...[Read more]

Oct 032011
The top navigation menu in SharePoint 2010 by default allows only one level. If  you had created the custom master page by copying over the controls from default v4.master page, the top navigation menu is controlled by the ASP menu control "T ...[Read more]

Sep 082011
Define: Automatically start when a new item is createdWorkflow Steps:Step 1: Set datesConditions: noneRun all actions in parallelActions: Add -60 days to Current Item:ExpDate (Output to Variable:60-day)and Add -30 days to Current Item:ExpDate (Out ...[Read more]

Sep 082011
SharePoint Tools   App Pool Manager ( U2U CAML Query Builder ( .NET Ref ...[Read more]

Aug 302011
Issue SharePoint Sites can be edited using SharePoint Designer for customizing the user interface and other purposes. But at times, it could potentially affect the performance of sites. In such cases, some administrators prefer to not to allow ...[Read more]

Aug 262011
To begin using your site, click Create a Post under Admin Links to the right. What is a Blog? A Blog is a site designed to help you share information. Blogs can be used as news sites, journals, diaries, team sites, and more. It is your pla ...[Read more]