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OpenDNS Users beware   

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Users of the popular OpenDNS service will have a shock tomorrow (6/15/2012) when the web filtering service will no longer blocks malicious sites or adult content for free.

Users received emails like the one below stating that if they did not upgrade to the Enterprise edition, they would receive only regular DNS recursion lookups without the free filtering service.

“…If you choose not to migrate, you will continue to receive the same, best-in-class recursive DNS services for free without any usage limits, however all filtering functionality will be disabled on June 15th. You'll receive one more notice before that happens…” (The full web version of the email is posted online here.)

I looked around and found a similar service from that offers a free filtering service for 1 dynamic address, or $10 /year for 3 static addresses. This is 20 times less than the rate OpenDNS quoted me ($2,000 / year). looks well established with over 500,000 people using the service. Setting it up was just as easy as OpenDNS. Simply enter your static IP addresses that are located on your firewall’s external interface and then update your name servers to use the DNS servers: –

I had to manually enter the whitelist and blacklist domains again but that was not too bad.

Posted by  Joe Stocker  on  6/14/2012
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