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error 0x0000007a unable to print from Windows 7   

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So i came across a 0x7a print error today and here's the fix...


-Reboot into Safe-Mode (usually done by pressing the F8 key during boot-up)  error 0x0000007a

-Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers and drive into any folders in there and rename any folders named 3 to anything else. I had it in two different folders.



-Remove printer drivers for affected device


-Reboot Windows normally

-Reinstall Printers


This is what we tried to do before we found the solution…

-We removed drivers and reinstalled

-We tried connecting to it via TCP/IP rather then using the print server

-Tried it under a different profile

-Tried Different drivers

-Checked for Viruses/Malware

-Got all the Windows updates

-Made sure user had administrator rights

Posted by  Matt Helfer  on  8/16/2010
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dave  commented on  Tuesday, August 31, 2010  5:25 PM 
Experiencing same problem with this in Vista. What are the comparable actions needed to delete the problem as per Windows 7?

Matt  commented on  Friday, September 03, 2010  1:20 PM 
Hey Dave, the Actoins should be the same I believe this is caused when the Anti-virus program mistakenly locks a suspicios file in the printer driver. So just go into safe and whack that folder or rename and then reinstall the drivers.

Matt  commented on  Friday, September 03, 2010  1:23 PM 

Joe  commented on  Sunday, September 19, 2010  11:01 PM 
You are a freakin genius! I had problems with my printer for a long time and this fixed it! Bless you and your household.

diju borah  commented on  Friday, October 01, 2010  4:49 AM 
hey thanks buddy...u r really works

Johnny the MAD  commented on  Wednesday, December 15, 2010  6:44 PM 
It works!

Kathy  commented on  Thursday, December 23, 2010  1:17 PM 
Thank you -that worked!!!! you are a life saver!!!!

Linda  commented on  Saturday, February 05, 2011  1:22 AM 
HI, just wondering which av you were using?

chris  commented on  Sunday, February 13, 2011  2:05 PM 
didnt work, got to configuring product, waited 10 minuites, then got fatal error during installation

chris  commented on  Sunday, February 13, 2011  5:16 PM 
dont know if it was your advice that helped but have now got it working. i deleted all the printers including the ones in the printer preferences (diagram above) and there were printers there i had never seen before. i completely wiped the install and then installed it again and it seems ok!

Dean Byers  commented on  Wednesday, March 09, 2011  10:59 PM 
Worked on all 3 of my client's Win 7 PCs. Thanks.

Dave  commented on  Tuesday, March 15, 2011  6:46 AM 

Andy  commented on  Thursday, May 05, 2011  6:54 AM 
thanks man! it worked!

Michael  commented on  Thursday, October 13, 2011  1:26 AM 
Finaly a solution to getting my HP C2750 All in One to print MSFT and other documents and webpages.
I have been battling this one computer for over a year. I have 4 computers. Two laptops using VISTA would print wirelessly and one tower using Windows7 would print wirelessly. Now this Windows7 computer is able to print thanks to your solution! I cannot thank you enough. You are a genius.

Teewai  commented on  Saturday, October 29, 2011  4:17 PM 
Where have you been all day??? I am so glad I found your site, it worked like magic, I am absolutely grateful. Many thanks

Malix  commented on  Sunday, November 20, 2011  5:39 PM 
Who ever it is...
My printer works charm....
Thanks a lot buddy :)

Michael  commented on  Monday, January 23, 2012  2:02 PM 
FANTASTIC.... You're a genius. I almost smashed the computer...

Galen  commented on  Friday, February 24, 2012  12:23 PM 
Thank you so much for this solution. I labored on this for way to long and am glad to finaly find a solution from someone that isn't to re-install the drivers like no one would have tried that!

KGB  commented on  Friday, March 23, 2012  8:32 PM 
Awesome, you solved a problem I've been working on for a week.

Sam  commented on  Monday, July 09, 2012  8:07 PM 
that worked!
I tried many ways but failed. then I found this site and followed the steps. now it works fine.
thank you so much!

Gustavo  commented on  Thursday, July 19, 2012  7:07 PM 
Hey Dave!! Thank so much for your help!!
This is the only solution for this error....Thanks!

philcab  commented on  Monday, July 23, 2012  12:26 PM 
Thanks a lot :-)
I really appreciate your help !!
(this bug is a incredible : new computer and new printer...all together HP ?!!)

Wes  commented on  Wednesday, October 17, 2012  8:39 AM 
Wow and super Wow, thank you. You saved allot of HP printers from going bye bye. How did you ever figure this out?????

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